Welcome to Gulf Greetings

The exclusive franchise of world-renowned brands Hallmark and The Toy Store in Qatar.

We pride ourselves on bringing joy to families, children and friend
helping them connect to one another through gifts, games and toys at the click of a button.

We fill our stores to the brim with the most incredible, unique, and exciting trends in cards, gifts, gift wraps, toys, and trending games.

Unleash your child’s creativity and intellect with games of science, art, and mathematics and much more!

Head over to anyone of our stores to see the range of world-class games that will stimulate your child’s mind.

Perhaps you want some quality family bonding time?

Check out our [selection[b]] of group games that entertain and delight adults and children alike, you’re sure to find something you’ll all enjoy.

If you’re looking for the latest, most beautiful cards, wrappings and gifts to put a smile on that special person’s face, look no further than our exclusive selection of [gifts/cards[c]] from Hallmark and The Toy Store, right here in Qatar.

For your convenience, You can choose to have any item (including those bought elsewhere) gift wrapped with our Butler Service!

At Gulf Greetings, we’re thrilled to help each generation experience a little bit of magic and sparkle – especially when that magic brings a family and friends closer together.

We plan to soon expand out regionally to spread the magic.

Until then, you can always order [online[e]] and get your order delivered to your door!